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Gemstones and Pearls

100 Gemstones
Colour: 8 colours

Product Code:
JC-GS01 Silver
JC-GS02 Light Pink
JC-GS03 Rose
JC-GS04 Red
JC-GS05 Golden
JC-GS06 Green
JC-GS07 Light Blue
JC-GS08 Light Purple

50 Pearls
Colour: 6 colours

Product Code:
JC-GS09 White
JC-GS10 Light Green
JC-GS11 Light Blue
JC-GS12 Light Pink
JC-GS13 Fuchsin
JC-GS14 Red

Gemstone Wheels

Product Code:
JCW01 2mm (Assorted Colours)
JCW02 3mm, 4mm, 6mm Warm Colours
JCW03 3mm, 4mm, 6mm Cool Colours

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